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Gas log fireplace service, which includes cleaning and inspection, is essential for maintaining a safe home while you enjoy warm, comfortable fires. Smoke Alert Home Fire Safety offers expert gas fireplace service to improve your home’s safety and prevent fires.

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Gas Log Fireplace Service From Current & Former Firefighters

Smoke Alert offers expert gas fireplace inspection and cleaning to ensure your unit is in top condition. During this service, a previous or active duty firefighter technician performs the following tasks:

  • Cleaning: The technician carefully brushes and vacuums your fireplace, removing material from the damper area and back walls.
  • Damper valve check: We remove your gas logs, carefully clean them and check your damper valve to ensure the manufacturer’s safety clamp is in the proper locked and open position.
  • Gas piping inspection: Our team checks your gas piping and addresses any gas leaks.
  • Vent inspection and cleaning: We carefully inspect your fireplace vent and remove any existing debris.
  • Rock wool replacement: Our technician removes any rock wool that appears burnt and replaces it with fresh material.
  • Burner pan cleaning: We sift and redistribute the sand and rock wool around your fireplace’s burner pan so that it can filter gas evenly.
  • Final inspection: Finally, we place your gas logs back into your fireplace, ignite them and make any necessary flame or log adjustments. We also clean and ensure your glass pane is in place,
Raleigh Gas Log Service
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How Much Is Gas Fireplace Service?

Annual gas fireplace cleaning service and inspection costs vary. Your total cost depends on the type of gas fireplace you have, how it’s vented and what condition it’s in. Gas fireplace maintenance typically costs betweeen $300 – $400.

Importance of Gas Log Fireplace Maintenance

Gas fireplaces, like wood-burning fireplaces, gather dirt and debris over time. This can cause them to burn inefficiently, accumulate flammable materials and even develop hazardous leaks.

Even though gas fireplaces and stoves are low-maintenance, registered gas log professionals should still inspect them regularly. Licensed fireplace experts are trained to detect problems such as obstructions or venting cracks, corrosion, and firebox damage, which can all start a fire.

Gas log fireplace service, which includes cleaning and inspection, is essential for maintaining a safe home while you enjoy warm, comfortable fires. Smoke Alert Home Fire Safety offers expert gas fireplace service to improve your home’s safety and prevent fires.

How to Maintain Your Gas Fireplace Properly

In addition to scheduling gas fireplace cleaning service each year, you should take the following actions to keep your fireplace in excellent condition and save money on future repairs:

Your gas fireplace’s instruction manual explains how to use and maintain the gas unit for the most reliable operation. Knowing your duties now could help you save time and money later.

If you can’t find your gas log manual, visit your fireplace provider’s website online and find a copy. Search for helpful gas fireplace service and maintenance videos if you’re unsure how to accomplish one of the maintenance activities recommended in your fireplace manual.

Combustible and flammable materials like paper, children’s toys, dog toys and furniture should always be a safe distance from your fireplace to reduce fire risks. Installing a fireplace safety barrier or screen is an effective way to protect pets and household members.

You should check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors’ operation and change the batteries at least once a year. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, so it’s typically not noticeable until household members experience carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms such as weakness, dizziness, blurred vision, migraines and confusion.

An effective way to prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning is to schedule professional installation and inspection. You should contact a certified gas log service contractor to install, inspect and clean your fireplace, and you must always follow your fireplace’s user manual instructions when using it. Smoke Alert is the most qualified licensed gas fireplace contractor in the North Carolina and Georgia regions, and we are dedicated to helping you enjoy a warm, cozy home safely.

When you replace your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors annually, you should also replace your gas log fireplace’s receiver batteries. In the event of a power outage, a battery-operated gas fireplace receiver supplies backup power, enabling you to light your fireplace by pressing a button.

Use a gas insert or gas fireplace with a receiver so that it can operate properly during storm seasons. If your fireplace has a remote control, ensure you update the batteries in your remote!

Trust Smoke Alert Home Fire Safety for Your Gas Log Fireplace Needs

Gas log fireplace inspection and cleaning are crucial for fire prevention. Smoke Alert technicians have the skills and knowledge to provide expert inspection, cleaning and repair services. We thoroughly check and clean each component to ensure your fireplace is as safe as possible, preventing fire hazards. Contact us to schedule a cleaning and inspection or learn more about our services.

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