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Unfortunately many homes still have flexible foil ductwork that is not only easily susceptible to lint becoming clogged, they are also extremely flammable. This is a recipe for disaster, and has led to a great deal of home fires over the years that have begun in the dryer vent ductwork.

Did you know…

  • Long, winding dryer vents could be making your clothes dryer inefficient and causing it to work harder just to dry your clothes.
  • Damaged, loose ductwork could be allowing heat, moisture, lint, and toxic gases like carbon monoxide into your home
  • Old, loose dryer vent ductwork causes numerous house fires every year
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The longer the venting, the more likely ducts are to come loose,
And the more likely you are to have efficiency problems and flammable lint deposits.

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  • Is your dryer vented through an exterior wall?
  • Are there countless bends and turns to travel through?
  • Have heat and moisture caused the duct tape holding your venting to lose its adhesive properties?
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Our dryer vent replacement technicians are experts at treating and preventing lint buildup in vent ducts and making sure hot air ends up outside your metal dryer vent without resistance. Our high-quality dryer vents are made of rigid metal and are sure to last a very long time.

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    Local codes have improved over the years, and many homes don’t have dryer vent ductwork that is up to the current code.