Expert Chimney Leak Repair Services

A chimney that isn’t regularly maintained will eventually leak. The chimney sits above your roofline and is directly exposed to rain, sun, wind, sleet, and all the other conditions that Mother Nature throws at us. One could make the argument that nothing is as exposed to the elements as the chimney, and that’s, ultimately, why leaks occur. Our chimney leak repair experts solve the issues that your chimney is facing, and we ensure that these issues won’t occur again for a very long time.

Leaky Chimneys Often Require One Or More Of The Following Three Repairs:

Flashing refers to the strip of metal bent and folded at the point where your roof and chimney meet. Normally, rainwater cannot seep into this vulnerable seam because it’s strategically placed in layers.
Unfortunately, many flashing installations are carried out by inexperienced individuals. As a result, flashing gaps occur over time, or nail holes become rusted, allowing water to seep through.

Leaks damage the chimney liner, which is essential to the health and condition of the chimney. Cast-in-place liners are a great option if your chimney’s clay or tile liner has been compromised. We also reline with stainless steel liners.

If your chimney has suffered a leak or suffered water damage, you may need to have chimney caps repaired or replaced, crowns repaired or replaced, top-sealing dampers repaired or replaced, and the chimney rebuilt or tuckpointed.

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Leaky Chimey Repair NC GA

    We diagnose and repair the conditions that lead to your chimney leaking.