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Professional Chimney Sweeping will clear your chimney of dirt and debris. If you’re the owner of a home with a fireplace, you probably don’t think about the importance of cleaning out your chimney regularly. Most homeowners are happy to go on using their fireplace without realizing how damaging a failure to clean the chimney consistently can be. However, not having your chimney cleaned regularly can lead to debris build up, obstructions and even structural damage. Rather than wait until it’s too late, schedule a chimney sweep to come in and clear out the inside of your chimney so your fireplace can function at its best – and keep you at your safest. With the help of our certified team here at Smoke Alert, you’ll be able to enjoy a fully functioning fireplace safely for years to come.

Why Should You Have An Annual Chimney Sweep?

Routine chimney sweep and inspection are critical for maintaining your chimney’s structural integrity, avoiding costly chimney installation and repair by detecting problems early, and safeguarding your family and home from a chimney fire. A yearly chimney sweep is relatively inexpensive. Here’s why you should do it on a regular schedule.

1) To Eliminate Creosote Blockage At Level 3

Creosote is a black, tar-like substance produced as a by-product of wood burning. It sticks to the inside of the chimney and builds up over time, thereby becoming a fire hazard. It also produces a musty, smoky odor, more noticeable in summer when there are high humidity levels.

Creosote build-up is increased in your chimney as airflow becomes restricted, reducing drought and allowing less oxygen to the firebox, enabling creosote buildup.

Standard chimney sweep and cleaning will aid in the removal of dangerous and stinky creosote from your chimney before it attains level 3 severity.

2) To Inspect The Chimney For A Chimney Cap

Chimney maintenance companies will identify the presence of a chimney cap throughout the cleaning or inspection process. We suggest installing one if it is missing, as there are numerous benefits to having one.

Chimney caps with wire mesh keep animals from hiding inside and causing hurdles. A cap keeps rain and snow away from the chimney and prevents damage to both the chimney and the interior of your home.

Suppose a chimney cap is discovered during an inspection. In that case, the chimney repair specialist will ensure that it is in good condition, the correct size, and securely installed, and that its mesh screen is clear of leaves, creosote, toxic fumes, and other debris.

3) To Detach Major Obstacles

Even if you don’t use your chimney, clogs can occur due to tree growth, fallen leaves, and nests. Animals and insects are frequently drawn to the chimney’s heat and lay eggs inside, cluttering the flue with flammable debris and posing a fire risk.

If the inhabitants of the chimney become stuck and dead, their carcass remains to emit a terrible smell and pose a health risk and should be removed as soon as possible. An annual chimney sweep and cleaning will guarantee that any obstructions are entirely removed.

4) Examine Signs Of Wear & Tear

Even if your chimney does not necessitate cleaning, it should be inspected at least once a year. During a basic cleaning or inspection, the chimney installation professional will look for signs of damage or wear, such as cracks in the flue or firebox, crumbling mortar, etc. Even an unutilized vent deteriorates over time.

The chimney maintenance technician will inspect the chimney crown and flue tiles from the roof for cracks and spalling brick or collapsing mortar. In many cases, any damage discovered will be caught on camera.

It’s worth remembering that the longer the problem remains unnoticed, the more costly the chimney repair will be eventually.

5) Inspect The Situation Of Another Ductwork

Remember that your fireplace chimney is not the only furnace in your home. Any furnace, boiler, or water heater flues, should be sanitized regularly. Clogs in these vents can result in catastrophic levels of carbon monoxide and contribute to the degradation of the system.

A faulty flue lining can cause gases to seep into the home or even damage the chimney. Many chimney sweep companies offer a discount for multiple services, so you can save money by having all of your ducts cleaned and inspected simultaneously.

Smoke Alert Fire Safety values your family’s sense of security and safety. Every repair requirement is unique, and correctly resolving gas fireplace issues necessitates an inspection by an experienced gas log professional. Call us if you’re having problems with your gas log fireplace.

Part of maintaining a safe home is keeping your chimney clean. Count on Smoke Alert’s expert technicians to come in and clear creosote, soot and obstructions out of your chimney so that you can safely enjoy your fireplace.