Chimney Cap Replacement in Raleigh, Charlotte & Atlanta

Professional chimney cap installation improves your fireplace’s function and safety. This component blocks moisture and debris from entering your chimney, reducing fire hazards so that you can enjoy your fireplace with peace of mind. Smoke Alert Home Fire Safety provides professional chimney cap inspection and installation services to maintain your fireplace’s structure and operation. You can depend on our technicians to install your chimney cap correctly and increase your home’s safety.

Owned and Operated by Firefighters

Each Smoke Alert technician is a firefighter or a former firefighter, giving us the knowledge and experience to install chimney components properly. We pay extreme attention to detail and will go over your chimney cap — and all of the surrounding structures — with a fine-tooth comb.

Chimney Chase Pan Installation

A chimney chase pan is another important component. Like the chimney cap, it protects the chimney from moisture, animals and debris. However, it rests over the top of the chimney and under the flue, unlike the chimney cap that rests on the flue or crown. Smoke Alert Home Fire Safety installs chimney pans to protect your chimney from the elements.

Chimney Spark Arrestor Installation

A chimney spark arrestor provides additional protection to help a chimney cap catch sparks. Smoke Alert Home Fire Safety installs wire mesh spark arrestors, which work in combination with chimney caps to prevent sparks from causing a fire.

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The Importance of a Chimney Cap

The chimney cap, which is also known as a flue top cover or rain cap, is an important fireplace component because it protects your chimney. This essential part is typically made of metal and can be round, peaked or flat. The flue top cover rests on top of the chimney crown, and it’s vital for proper chimney functioning and damage prevention because it offers benefits such as:

  • Moisture barrier: A chimney cap sits on top of the crown, preventing moisture from traveling into the structure.
  • Debris and animal barrier: Your chimney cap prevents outdoor debris and animals such as acorns, twigs, tree branches, bats, birds, squirrels and chipmunks from entering your chimney and causing damage.
  • Draft blockage: In addition to blocking out moisture, a chimney cap prevents drafts from blowing down your chimney and into your house.
  • Fire prevention: Chimney caps usually feature screens that catch any sparks that might blow out, land on the roof, trees, or other nearby structures, and catch on fire.
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Your chimney cap is a crucial part of safe fireplace operation, and scheduling regular replacement is vital to maintain your chimney. Since 2010, Smoke Alert Home Fire Safety has been providing various fireplace services. Our chimney cap installation service provides you with a component that meets regulations, increasing your home’s safety. Our team performs thorough inspections, repairs and replacements when necessary. Contact us to schedule an installation or learn more about our fireplace safety services.

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