Our CDET certified dryer exhaust technicians use a professional rotary brush system and 400 CFM industrial HEPA vacuum.


Our CSIA certified sweeps use a power sweep system which is much more powerful than traditional sweeping, along with an industrial HEPA vacuum so there is ZERO MESS.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Wake County, NC 27597

Why Hire A Professional Dryer Vent Installation Service Provider For your Wake County, NC Homes?

Despite the fact that dryer vents may be among the most complex working devices, you probably don’t give them much attention. As a result, you need to hire local dryer vent cleaning services in Wake County.

Whether you want to move your machine to a different section of the house or buy a home with no ductwork, you’ll need to know which dryer vent installation contractor to install the dryer vent in Wake County, NC.

Fortunately, several different dryer vent service professionals install dryer vents, so you have several possibilities for a successful installation. If you need a professional dryer vent cleaner in your Wake County, NC home, you may be wondering why you should contact a professional instead of doing it yourself.

Unless you have prior experience, you may be better off hiring a professional to install your dryer vent. Here’s why:

  1. a) Loose or incorrectly installed dryer vents can let pests such as birds, rats, and insects into your home.
  1. b) Dryer vents that aren’t built right can limit energy efficiency, leaving you with damp clothes and expensive energy bills.
  1. c) If not correctly installed, dryer vents can cause machines like clothes dryers to work harder, posing a severe fire risk.
  1. d) It is easy for mold, mildew, and other impurities to grow in a dryer vent that hasn’t been installed correctly.
  1. e) Having poorly installed or positioned vents or ducts can lead to hazardous obstructions that can be costly to repair.

Advantages Of Hiring Professional For Dryer Vents Installation

You may sleep better at night knowing that your house or company is safe from unexpected dangers like fire hazards. Our experts handle all aspects of dryer vents, from repairs and inspections to installation and cleaning.

To ensure the working of your home, call professionals from Smoke Alert Home Fire Safety, a prominent dryer vent cleaning company in the Wake County, NC areas.

1) Personal Security

It’s no secret that blocked dryer vents are a fire threat and create carbon monoxide buildup problems, mold development problems, etc. Since we have years of expertise, competence, and high-quality devices available to us, we’ll clean your vents thoroughly. This ensures that your house or company is protected from any potential dangers.

You can be confident that your dryer vents are clean when using our service. In addition to extending the life of your dryer, our technicians will also help you save time, energy, and money.

2) Ease Of Convenience

Don’t waste time going to the home improvement store to get supplies or spending time installing by yourself. You can just schedule an appointment with Smoke Alert Home Fire Safety and then sit back and relax in your house in Wake County.

3) Peace of Mind

Our full-service replacement dryer vent and installation includes a proper dryer vent inspection. Cleaning the connection hoses and the dryer vents are included in our full-service sessions.

In addition to providing you with complete peace of mind, this dryer vent cleaning session optimizes your dryer’s efficiency.

Hire Our Team Of Experts For Dryer Vents Installation

Whether you need a dryer vent installed or cleaned by a quality, reliable chimney sweep company, Smoke Alert Home Fire Safety is here for you.

Wake County, NC

We offer a complete range of services ranging from dryer vent installation, cleaning, and repair services around Wake County, NC, and surrounding areas such as Wake County.

Our services cover all aspects of dryer vent installation, maintenance, and safety for your family and home.

Smoke Alert Home Fire Safety has proudly served areas in Wake County for years with high-quality, reliable, affordable, and timely dryer vent installation services.

We are here to help you with your dryer vent cleaning requirements in Wake County. Furthermore, we do masonry repair and replacement of the dryer vent in order to improve its appearance and performance.

Call Smoke Alert Home Fire Safety to avail of our dryer vent cleaners services throughout the North Carolina. You can also schedule an appointment by calling us on 919-302-9036.

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Dryer vent cleaning involves removing dust and debris from the filter and dryer vents in your home. There should be no dryer dust or debris anywhere ever.

Dryer vent cleaning is necessary to keep the dryer’s efficiency up. Dryer vent cleaning helps remove lint and debris from the dryer vents in your home.

Dryer vent cleaning costs may vary due to the number of debris or dust that is caught up in the filter. The average price of a dryer vent cleaning is $138 and can range from $100 to $200.

Cleaning a dryer vent is as simple as five steps including pull the dryer out of the wall, unplug it, and disconnect it from the duct, vacuum vent, connect power drill to cleaning kit, brush and sweep the mess then put the dryer back together.

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