If you want to install a new fireplace or replace your old one, Smoke Alert Home Fire Safety is the company to call. We provide professional fireplace installation services to help your home get a fireplace that looks good and functions as safely as possible.

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    Charlotte Service Area

    The green shaded area is our general service area we will travel without the need of a trip fee of any sort for chimney sweeping, dryer vent cleaning, gas log service and more. If you are in the red we will still come out but it will be a $100 trip fee on top of our normal service prices.

    Smoke Alert Fireplace Installation

    Adding a fireplace to your home comes with many decisions. You’ll choose the style, design and type of fireplace you want in your home so you know what to expect when it gets installed. We can help you determine the best fireplace type that matches your needs and preferences.

    Our installers have experience and knowledge in installing various types of fireplaces, including:

    When we install fireplaces, we follow proper protocols and codes so your fireplace is safer to use. We keep three considerations in mind while helping homeowners decide on which fireplace to install:

    • Ventilation: Keeping you and your family healthy while using your fireplace is crucial. Our fireplace installers make sure there is proper ventilation for your fireplace so there is no buildup of harmful gases like carbon monoxide.
    • Measurements: We want your new fireplace to fit your home properly. Our technicians take measurements of where you want the fireplace so they can make sure they install it correctly. They also properly measure and fit the fireplace’s glass doors to be secure and airtight.
    • Sealing: Our technicians also properly seal the fireplace to help prevent fires and gas leaks while maintaining efficiency.
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    Benefits of Fireplace Installation With Smoke Alert

    Smoke Alert provides exceptional services, regardless of whether you want a gas, wood, electric or prefab fireplace installation in your Charlotte, North Carolina, home. When you work with Smoke Alert, you get to experience benefits like:

    • Safety: We are a firefighter-owned and -operated company dedicated to helping homeowners remain vigilant in their fire safety practices. We follow strict regulations with our fireplace installation services to help protect you and your family. We also provide free home fire safety inspections as part of our services, educating you on keeping your home safe and addressing fire risks and solutions.
    • Expert installation and craftsmanship: Our technicians have many years of experience installing fireplaces in homes in and around Charlotte. You can trust that we’ll use top-notch techniques to install your fireplace and ensure it meets the necessary codes and remains safe.
    • Dependable products: We have quality fireplaces to choose from. With our selection of fireplaces, you will find ones that match your home’s aesthetic while providing the warmth and durability you need.
    • Design guidance: Our experts work closely with you to determine what you want in a fireplace. Based on your style preferences and heating needs, we’ll discuss your options, such as gas, electric or wood fireplaces.

    Contact Smoke Alert for Quality Fireplace Installations in Charlotte, NC

    Count on Smoke Alert whenever you want to replace your fireplace or need maintenance. Learn more about our fireplace installation options when you contact us via our form or call 980-655-2396 today. 

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