Cleaning your chimney is an essential part of extending its life span. Inspecting, cleaning and maintaining your chimney ensures it remains in good condition for years to come. Trust Smoke Alert Home Fire Safety’s Atlanta chimney sweep team to take care of your chimney and improve your home’s fire safety.

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    Atlanta Chimney Sweep By Firefighters

    Chimney sweeping or cleaning is critical, especially if you use your fireplace often. Smoke Alert’s chimney inspection and cleaning services go beyond that. We do free home safety checks with each service to determine potential fire risk hazards. Our aim is to educate our customers on how to identify fire hazards in their homes and the steps they can take to prevent them. 

    We believe in going above and beyond to ensure fire protection safety. We are entirely owned and operated by former or current firefighters. Smoke Alert is well equipped to offer free home fire safety inspections for added peace of mind.  


    certified chimney sweep

    Our CSIA certified sweeps use a power sweep system which is much more powerful than traditional sweeping along with an industrial HEPA vacuum so there is ZERO MESS.

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    Our Chimney Sweeping Services 

    When you need a certified chimney sweep in Atlanta, Georgia, look no further than Smoke Alert Home Fire Safety. Our extensive chimney cleaning services include:

    Obstruction Removal

    Chimneys get blocked for different reasons. Debris, leaves and nests sometimes clog the flue and can become a fire hazard. Cleaning your chimney removes blockages and prevents pests from calling your chimney home. Leaving these obstructions can lead to various health concerns.

    Chimney Cap Inspection

    The wire mesh in chimney caps helps keep animals and debris out, so regular inspections are important. Professional chimney cleaners will ensure the cap is the right size to prevent damage from adverse weather and keep animals from entering the chimney and install chimney cap replacements when needed. It also maintains good airflow to help regulate clean air in your home.

    Certified Technicians

    Being certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), our technicians are equipped with the knowledge and experience to clean and maintain your chimney thoroughly. They are all current or former firefighters with extensive training in handling chimney services and fire-related issues. 

    When to Schedule Chimney Cleaning

    In addition to decreasing your fireplace’s performance, a dirty or clogged chimney can become a fire hazard. Over time, creosote, a byproduct of burning wood, accumulates in your chimney, restricting airflow, decreasing air quality and increasing the risk of a fire. Creosote is flammable and poses a greater fire hazard the more it builds up. Here are some signs that you need chimney cleaning:

    • Difficulty keeping a fire going: A clogged chimney decreases the supply of oxygen to the fireplace, making it more difficult to keep a fire burning.
    • Increased smoke: If smoke can’t escape through the chimney, it will accumulate in the building, decreasing the air quality. 
    • Oily marks and black damper: A creosote buildup will leave visible oily marks and black damper on your fireplace walls.

    If you notice these signs, do not hesitate to call Smoke Alert for professional chimney cleaning in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Atlanta, GA Service Area

    The red shaded area is our general service area we will travel without the need of a trip fee of any sort for chimney sweeping, dryer vent cleaning, and gas log service. If you are outside the service area we may be able to work you in or charge a trip fee of $100 to come out.

    We provide professional chimney sweeping services in the greater Atlanta area, including: Marietta, Alpharetta, Woodstock, Cumming, Ball Ground, Duluth, Cartersville, and more!

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    You can count on Smoke Alert to deliver when you need chimney sweeping services in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Call us at 770-766-8297 or schedule an appointment online today.

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